Oh, Ms Spanner… you are so…attractive

Posted in Places where my stuff is sold, Things to buy by nicolarowlands on August 10, 2010

You can now purchase a Ms Spanner t shirt or Iphone skin.  To buy a Ms Spanner iphone skin go here or to buy a Ms Spanner t shirt go here.

Alternatively if you live in the UK and would like a t shirt (Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton) with free shipping they are £20. Just drop me an email. x


Yellowy triangulary design

Posted in Graphic Design, Illustration, Things to buy by nicolarowlands on May 3, 2010

I’ve got a t shirt design up for voting over on Boomtique.  After my unsuccessful stint on Threadless I have been reluctant to get involved in further t shirt politics but I submitted this design absolutely ages ago and only just found out it is in the running! So if you want to get involved take a few minutes to go through the designs here and either give them thumbs up or thumbs down depending on whether they are by me or by someone else..