Fashion and music, you know?

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A friend I went to High School with in Chicago now runs a fashion and music blog called Stic Of The Week.  She writes about who’s who and what’s what in the world of festivals and being cool and wearing wayfarers and stuff.  I did her a little blog header redesign, trying to keep it festival-y and music-y.

She is using the little birdy as their twitter avatar and I’ve also just done her some business cards for her to hand out at Lollapalooza. I’ll post photos of the cards soon.


Go Fast Turn Left (to get to Wigan)

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Sideburn issue 5 is out now for those of you interested in dirt track racing, or those of you interested in magenta foil-embossed matt laminate stock.  Either way, you won’t go unsatisfied with a copy of this little publication in your hands.  Turn to page 14 for some hand lettering by me, and some more on page 86.  Here are the photos of the articles: Gold Star and Iron Maiden.  If you want to meet the folks who run SB, get on a train to Wigan tonight for the release party.  I will be there drinking man ale and discussing clutch plates, of course.

New work

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I’ve been working with Chava for about two years now.  She’s recently started running art therapy classes which I designed a presentation pack for a while back.  Thanks to the success of her promotional material she was desperate for some nice personalized paper to get invoices sent out to her new clients.  Here’s what I designed and picked up from the printers just the other day.  I think they match nicely with the rest of her stationery.  More pics on my flickr page.

To Kate

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I hope you like them.  Lots of love from Nicky x x

designer vs client

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Not really sure if it’s 100% appropriate but oh well I thought it was funny…

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