A selection of slightly frightening drawings

I’m so so excited to let you know I’ve got my second exhibition! From the 29th of August until 28th November at the Art of Tea in Didsbury.  You are invited to the celebration launch night on the 29th August.  If you’ve not yet visited the Art of Tea you’re in for a real treat… stop by from 7:30pm for a few beers, some delicious pizza and sweet music by Laurence Boot.  I’ll be there and so will my selection of brand-new-never-before-seen- merchandise.  Oh, and some drawings by me on the walls 🙂

Go to the Art of Tea blog for more info.  Really really hope to see you there ♥  Lots of love x x

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Two drinksPurple sky

WindowRed blue and white

I am lostI have an essay due in tomorrow and it has become apparant that putting these photographs of my holiday in Andalucia on my blog is a much more crucial task… huh…

Supreme Love

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Caffeine ConsignmentA caffeine consignment from down under.  My other half’s spanning knowledge of weird and wonderful facts landed us a kilo of aromatic brewing beans all the way from the O-Z.  Thank you Coffee Supreme, some blog love from Manchester.  We especially draw a big heart around your brown paper packaging and logo design… if it didn’t smell so good we’d find it mighty difficult tearing the pretty paper.  Aircraft appreciation scooped us some supreme sipping!

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