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Posted in Outings by nicolarowlands on July 28, 2010

So I am embarrassed to say that after complaining three times to  Virginactive gym on Deansgate, Manchester I am still a member of the gym.

Back in April I was lying down in the ‘ab’ area and started to notice the amount of dust on the pipes that hang down from the ceiling.    I then moved one of the mats over slightly to find clumps of dust and hair in the crack between the mat and the mirror.   I decided to fill out one of the ‘suggestion’ cards on the gym floor and point out these easily rectifiable issues.  I also mentioned that the womens shower area had four showers sectioned off with a dirty sheet… and wondered whether the changing area would return to the full amount of showers I was offered when joining the gym.
After the complaint card was left I received a phone call from the head cleaner who gave me a few reasons why these areas were dirty.

Well this head cleaner must have been just calling for a little chit-chat because there wasn’t actually any difference the next time I went to the gym.

Feeling this head cleaner dude had insulted my intelligence I went to make another complaint- this time via email- to the Virginactive customer service centre.   I received a phone call from the Deansgate gym manager who provided me yet again with excuses and reasons:

The ceiling is quite high for us to reach” and “The cleaning team weren’t aware they had to clean in between the mats” !!!

Ah, ok… thinking maybe they could hire some monkeys that may be better at reaching the ceiling I sat back and let them take their time REACHING the goddam dust.

You guessed it…still no result- so I emailed the ‘customer service team‘ once again.  I received a phone call from the VirginActive ‘customer satisfaction’ team on April 19th.  I was told by this fellow that if he lived in Manchester he would clean the gym himself but he didn’t so he couldn’t. Not sure what good this does for me? He  also explained that sometimes his OWN gym was also dirty, and the reason why is because if the staff is only male then the female changing rooms won’t be able to be cleaned.  Not sure what he was trying to achieve by the phone call… to make it clear it wasn’t his fault??

There is still centimetres of dust in the changing room.  Even inside the lockers! It’s crazy, not sure why they don’t just clean it?!

So I was on the treadmill the other day, headphones plugged into the Virgin treadmill music player, and I felt an electric shock in my ear.  And another.  Deciding my headphones were over a year old, I bought a new pair in effort to avoid any possible inner ear damage.  I returned to my gym, new headphones in tow, again ready to run on the treadmill and felt more electric shocks in my ears.  Worried about carrying on and possible embarrassment from ear/head combustion, I let the front desk know and after weighing up his options the virgin active team member let me know I should just run without headphones because they’ve never had this problem before! Nice one.

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  1. ros said, on September 3, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    so happy to read about the electric shock in ear while on treadmill episode – same thing happened to me in my gym and the guy i looked at me as if I were a) senile and b) deranged.

    • Nicola said, on September 4, 2010 at 10:14 am

      Since then, I have had confirmation from Virgin that they have cleaned half the gym and the other half is due to be cleaned next month. (!!!. fantastic.)

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