Snap Zine

Posted in Graphic Design, People that are good, Things to buy, words, zines by nicolarowlands on April 21, 2010

My good friend Matt from University dropped off Issue Zero of Snap Zine yesterday.  It contains wonderful words by the very wonderful mandi goodier and also has a cover the colour of sunshine and buttercups.  Yellowy goodness.  More info on obtaining your own copy/submitting your own writings here, alternatively if you hang around Sainsburys in Fallowfield for long enough you are guaranteed to catch the creator himself de-mounting his bike.

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  1. Matt said, on June 21, 2010 at 11:28 am

    Only just seen this! ha, thanks nicola! Hope you’re enjoying America, give me a text when you’re back, I’ve not seen you in an age.

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