Lichfield’s Finest

Posted in Books, Design agencies, fonts and typefaces, Graphic Design, Purchases, shops, Things to buy, Typography by nicolarowlands on January 16, 2010

Aside from conducting eighteen ebullient six year olds two and a half days a week at Lichfield Cathedral School, managing a to- do list that makes my day planner look like a letter to santa and generally maintaining the World’s Most Colour- Coordinated Wardrobe system, my mother also finds time to volunteer twenty hours a week at a tidy little second hand bookshop in the historic and agreeably lousy town of Lichfield.

Going above and beyond the calls of a volunteer she puts the country’s benefit-claiming malingers to shame by chasing after shoppers down the cobbled streets with armfuls of books to the specification of whatever they have been looking for.  (We are trying to stop her doing this on family holidays…)  It’s probably the most fitting occupation for someone who reads more than she sleeps.

After finishing a book (after about 15 minutes) in which a crime was solved thanks to some sort of typographical discrepancy, she has adopted a newfound- and rather endearing- understanding/excitement for graphic design… which is excellent news for me.  Especially when she comes home with books like this.  It’s a copy of Baseline, from 1993.  With a feature on various type styles of Citroen advertisements through the years as well as a hefty collectors asking price she’s done an outstanding job by my books.

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