Things are good

Posted in Design agencies, gifts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Outings, People that are good, Things to buy by nicolarowlands on November 27, 2009

What could make today any better?  The postman this morning delivered not only an advent calendar from the World’s Best Mum but my fabric from America ready for pillowcases on sale next Sunday at the Cheap Affair!! I also shared a nice cup of coffee with the super kind Ady Bibby of True North and when I returned home with wet feet my spectacular other half had conquered the objectionable and loathsome shelf which has taken a shameful place on the floor of my studio for over two months.  It’s now happily attached to the wall, above my desk, supporting my expensive camera… Go shelf go!!

Not only have I a new range of fabrics for the xmas fair at Islington Mill but a new range of Christmas cards as well.  I’m not sure if I will save their premiere viewing for next Sunday or if I will provide a sneak peek here.  If you’re desperate to order cards, get in touch.

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