glad rag

Posted in Books, Graphic Design, Illustration, Magazines, My Photos, words by nicolarowlands on July 3, 2009

birdPatchtwelvePurplebirdLucky for guests of the Manchester Metropolitan Graduate Degree Show wanting to savour the talent decking the walls of Chatham building in the form of a paper-based souvenir, these graphic designers had planned ahead!  The promotional catalogue oh so creativeley entitled ‘Show and Tell’ designed and published by the students of my class will be no doubt tucked within the overcoats of hoards of head-hunting art directors scouring the recession-plagued streets of Manchester for less than qualified junior designers.  My knife and fork at the ready, napkin tucked securely around my neck, I’ll take a small portion of humble pie, please… not sure I want to join the majority of my graduating class in line awaiting their nice hot plates of JOB.

I was kindly asked to maketh some illustrations to adorn the very white pages of said budget tome.  They are based on objects the creative bunch had chosen to bring in, as it’s all about show and tell, you see…


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