Posted in Graphic Design, Illustration, Internships, Magazines by nicolarowlands on April 16, 2009

picture-19picture-202picture-221 My time at plus1 is almost up, I’m finished here tomorrow… here’s a little bit of some graphics I was working on the other day for another illustration for an interview.  My final illustrated outcome is very different but I may do some screenprints of these guys when I get back to l’Universite…

I’m feeling eager beaver to get back to the Manchester…. I’ve got loads of plans starting with getting my book together which means starting to print out some nice polished bits and pieces.  Also on the list is to spring clean the website… at the moment it’s so SLOW and reminds me of when you’ve eaten some toast on the sofa and there’s like loads of crumbs in the creases between the cushions and you can’t sit comfortably because it’s a little itchy.  I think it’s time to throw all the pillows on the floor and get my sleeves rolled up for a good cleanup.

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