Worcester Sauce French Fries

Posted in My drawings, My Photos by nicolarowlands on March 31, 2009

donnawishchimeBecause I spent the majority of my morning in the council tax department of the town hall, on the phone to united utilities and generally talking boring things to people about water meters it got to 4pm and I realized I’d not eaten anything so with the MMU vending machine to offer me instant nourishment and energy I went for the lesser of 25 evils: Worcester Sauce flavour French Fries crisps.  I won’t lie and say I never eat crisps because I do but usually only if they are someone elses.  I would probably find it quite funny if someone elses crisps were meant to taste of Worcester sauce and actually just tasted of salt and vinegar but as they were mine I’m now annoyed and will most likely complain about it to maybe 3 or 4 people today.

At least I did these drawings of Donna Summer and a windchimey thing, as well as sort out my water bill, council tax, book a hair cut, and fill in a form for a tv licence refund.  Oh and I think I said the words water and meter about 66 times or so?

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